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Treatment Provider Checklist

Below we have addressed each point on the Dinitrol Treatment Provider Checklist to ensure that you are receiving the best treatment, value for money and service.
  1. Make sure that the treatment provider will fully steam clean the underbody after removing underbody protective guard covers. The provider must have a dedicated facility to clean the underbody.

We have a dedicated wash off ramp facility and we use a brand new Karcher HD-S7/10-4M industrial steam cleaner. All plastic underbody guards are removed and an image is taken of the vehicle underneath once they are off.

      2. Check the treatment provider has a suitable area for drying. The vehicle must be completely dry prior to commencing any treatment applications.

We have a dedicated ramp inside a building equipped with diesel powered heaters. We have installed a temperature monitoring gauge and keep the room above product operating temperatures at all times. The vehicle is also dried using a compressed air hose to ensure that all hidden water traps are dried out.

      3. Ask if the car will be allowed to dry overnight before any treatment applications are applied.

Yes, absolutely. We will always leave the vehicle to dry overnight and account for this in the three days application period.

      4. Make sure that the provider is using professional application equipment. Rustproofing specialists use a spray gun feeding from a barrell rather than aerosols or 1 litre schutz cans that are mainly associated with D.I.Y applications.

We are currently in the process of installing a new building which is going to incorporate the barrel system. This work is due to complete in April 2018.

    5. Ask the provider to confirm that only genuine DINITROL products will be used throughout the treatment process (This is a very important point to check make sure genuine DINITROL products are found on site).

Yes, we do use genuine DINITROL products. We store them in our Reception area so that our Customers are able to view the products when they arrive to deliver their vehicle.

    6. Visit the premises of the treatment provider, prior to proceeding with the application and check the facilities are a professional working environment whilst also appearing clean and tidy.

We welcome all of our customers to visit and inspect both the ramp areas where their vehicles will be treated. You will be given a personal tour by either Fiona or Mark Pugh who are the owners of the company.

    7. Request photo documentation of the treatment process from start to finish and along with proof that all plastic underbody guards have been removed prior to cleaning. Also, ask the provider to document any significant areas that have required additional treatment for example rust being treated with a converter.

We image the vehicle from the moment it arrives and throughout each stage. A copy of all images are then emailed to the customer after the treatment has been completed so they can view their vehicle and the treatment carried out, including all surface rust before and after it is treated with rust converter.

    8. Don’t be afraid to ask if you can visit the premises when the rustproofing treatments are being applied to your vehicle. This allows you to check the progress and professionalism of the work being conducted.

We welcome all of our customers to visit our premises during the treatment. Some of our customers travel long distances to have their vehicles treated so as an alternative we send an update part way through the treatment along with a photograph of their vehicle fully masked up ready for treatment.

    9. When speaking with the treatment provider ensure they are using spray diagrams that are specific to your vehicle manufacturer model. The treatment provider should use a spray diagram to locate the access points around the vehicle, so they can safely apply cavity wax products without damaging sensors.

Where Dinitrol are able to supply spray diagrams we will use them. They are in the process of developing them for some vehicles. For these vehicles we will always follow manufacturers guidance and locate sensors ourselves to ensure they remain undamaged.

    10. Be suspicious of unrealistic cheap quotations, a proper treatment carried out by professionals takes time and therefore warrants a cost. Any quotes below £400 for a passenger car should be considered suspiciously low.

We make sure that our prices are competitive and that our customers are getting value for money. Each customer is provided with a personalised estimate and prices are dependent on the size of vehicle. Our prices start from £450.00. Please contact us if you have any questions relating to any of the questions or answers above. We would be more than happy for you to visit our premises and discuss your treatment prior to booking. Click here to return to the Dinitrol enquiry page