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Diagnostics is an extremely complex and intricate affair, especially on newer vehicle models. Just like at a doctor’s surgery, our mechanics have to do a number of tests and use a process of elimination in order to find out what is wrong with your Land Rover. In the past, we have found that sometimes other garages attempt to rule out what is wrong with vehicles by simply replacing a lot of parts until the car works smoothly again. A sort of ‘ship Theseus’ approach so to speak. Although this works for some garages, we prefer to confirm the issue before any parts are replaced, as this method saves you time and money. Often the fault is extremely evident and, in this case, we will fix the issue as soon as possible. However, if the issue isn’t immediately obvious, we like to perform an in-depth diagnosis. We have the latest Autologic diagnostic equipment and are investing all the time in the latest machines to make sure we’re staying at the forefront when it comes to modern vehicle fault finding. Therefore, even if the problem is not immediately visible, we will perform a comprehensive diagnosis process in order to find the root of the issue as quickly as possible.


Essential to the cos effective repair of your Land Rover is the diagnostic process whenever you experience an issue. This is where experience of the brand comes in and why you should choose a specialist to repair your Land Rover.


At Broad Lane Land Rovers we have invested in the best equipment in the market. This assists us in the diagnostic process, however – it is important to note that you cannot just plug a car in and know the exact problem based on the codes. It takes years of experience and tracing the issue before you can be confident in your repair strategy.


We stay ahead and invest in training and qualifications for team members involved in the diagnostic process. They also have access to other Master Technician’s who have worked with the Land Rover brand whenever there is a tricky issue to diagnose giving us the edge on getting the problem solved.


The first thing you need to know is how much will it cost to fix? Sometimes, we don’t have that information straight away. But what we can tell you is if we can’t diagnose the issue, you won’t pay a penny. We can also set markers with you, for example, your suspension warning light has come on and after the initial diagnostic plug in, we need to do more investigation. You can set an hourly update so that you can keep control of the cost.


Once the issue has been identified and we have come up with a repair strategy, we will prepare an estimate which will be provided to you by our friendly customer services team for you to agree before work is commenced.


Once the repair ihas been completed, your vehicle will be test-driven by the repairing mechanic who will “confirm his fix” before you receive your car back, giving you peace of mind.