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Dinitrol Terms and Conditions


Vehicle Preparation

The vehicles wheels will be removed and refitted as part of the preparation, wheel nuts will be tightened to the manufacturers specified torque however it is strongly recommended that you have the wheel nuts re-checked after 100 miles. We would be happy to do this free of charge with no appointment needed. The vehicle will be thoroughly washed and steam cleaned underneath. Broad Lane Land Rovers cannot accept any liability if the vehicle allows ingress of water into the interior of the vehicle affecting any of the interior carpets, seats, mats or electrics. Plastic trims and wheel arch splash shields will be removed as part of the treatment to ensure that we are able to access the whole underneath of the vehicle. Some manufacturers use single use trim clips and therefore these cannot be refitted. If the original trim clips cannot be used, we will use a universal trim clip as close to the original as possible. It is recommended that you check these clips after 100 miles. If they require replacement then this should be carried out by your usual garage at your own cost.

Vehicle Re-Treatment

Dinitrol recommend that vehicles are re-treated every 2 to 5 years depending on the nature of the vehicles use, its age & storage conditions and the vehicles current condition. The inhibitors used will neutralize any existing rust provided it has not bitten too hard and will slow down any existing rust if it has. If a vehicle has severe rust deemed as rot then this should be properly repaired before any rustproofing treatment is carried out. An estimate will be provided to you if this is uncovered during the preparation process. The car should be returned to us annually so that we can inspect and reapply any damaged coating. The purpose of rustproofing is to prevent rust. It cannot cure rust that is already there. It will prevent it progressing further but will not remove it. There is a big difference between light surface rust and potentially dangerous rot. Broad Lane Land Rovers recommends that you follow the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations regarding regular inspection and cleaning of the vehicles underside following a treatment.

Vehicle Storage

If you require us to store the vehicle after the treatment has been completed this must be agreed prior the booking. We are happy to store it free of charge up until the weekend, however we may need to reserve the right to NOT supply you with a free courtesy car due to availability constraints. Contact us prior to booking if you would like to leave your vehicle with us for the week.