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What is remapping?

Remapping is the art of carefully modifying the engine computer’s programming to change the engines characteristics. It’s normally used to increase the power output of modified vehicles but can be used to make it better for towing or more responsive on the pedal. We’re happy to discuss your requirements with you.

We’ve teamed up with Storm Tuning as remapping partners. This allows us to offer market leading remapping services to customers with TD5 vehicles. Vehicles age differently and as such, off the shelf maps are not ideally suited. All Storm Tuning remaps are bespoke to your vehicle and can be customised depending on the vehicle’s application. All maps have a substantial improvement over the standard power figure.

Stock power figures: Defenders 122bhp, 1998-2001 Discovery 130bhp, 2001+ Discovery 136bhp
Stage 1165-175HP360-370NMFrom £255
Stage 2185-195HP380-400NMFrom £285
Stage 2+210-220HPASK
Stage 3230-240HPASK
Stage 4250HP+ASK
Stage 2 can be achieved with nothing more than minimal modifications to the exhaust system. Stage 2+ and above performance gains are dependent on the specific components used. All Storm Tuning remaps are tailored to your vehicle. Vehicles are given a visual inspection, diagnostics check and road test before tuning work is carried out. If you are in any doubt about the condition of your vehicle, we will be more than happy to offer you a full in-depth vehicle inspection.

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