Chassis Swaps

When Land Rover built Series & Defender’s they were put on box-section mild steel chassis which meant they were prone to rust the moment they left the factory. Unless you’re regularly treating the internal sections of the chassis, which is a task in itself, then your Defender is  prone to rusting “from the inside out”. Often this rust is hidden and is sometimes only caught when it needs to be cut out and a new plate welded in. There are a lot of Defender’s out there with a patchwork chassis because of this.  Luckily for Land Rover’s, they often take up a huge part in our hearts and we become attached to them, despite the money often needed to keep them on the road. At Broad Lane, we share that passion and enjoy giving them a new lease of life. We have done many, many chassis replacements and bulkhead replacements now and we can safely say that a good galvanised replacement will see your pride and joy on the road for the rest of your life.  Here are just a few to mention:  

Picoscope Diagnostics

We have just invested over £3.5k in Picoscope diagnostic equipment which will enable us to be able to perform very in-depth diagnostic and fault finding with all models of Land Rover and Range Rover.  It take a lot of experience, training and education to be able to translate the information these pieces of equipment give you. We are constantly investing in more equipment and training to be able to deliver a constantly improving service to our customer.  This new investment will allow us to be able to pinpoint our diagnosis and back up our fault experience. It will mean that as a customer, you won’t need to wait as long for the answers when something goes wrong with your Land Rover.