Series 3 200tdi Engine Conversion

We’re recently completed a 200tdi engine conversion in a Series 3 88″. We used a Steve Parker Exhaust system to get the gasses out the back and custom boost hoses to get them in the front. We ran with the turbo but no intercooler. The original radiator was used to keep the front looking standard (other than an oil cooler which we’ve plumbed in). The engine was sourced and rebuilt to ensure its long life.

Defender 130″ Chassis swap

The customer wanted his Land Rover Defender 130″ to live on forever so we’ve completed fitting a new Richard galvanized chassis (painted body colour), new galvanized doors and a galvanized bulkhead from Ashtree Land Rovers. We also did some other work whilst it was apart including timing belt, clutch, brake lines and seat box replacement. If you would like some more information on our chassis swap service please contact us for more information.