Vehicle Tracker

At Broad Lane Land Rovers we can fit a tracking device to your Land Rover with NO yearly subscription fees or membership!

Land Rover theft is high, especially now that the Defender production has stopped and their value has increased. It is a good idea to start thinking of a low cost solution to locating your vehicle if it is stolen, and disable it remotely if it is.

Features of the tracker:

Know EXACTLY where your car is

It will send you a location map and coordinates via SMS on demand using a sophisticated GPS micro chip which utilises the GSM/GPRS infrastructure operated by mobile network providers to transmit its current location. 

Get that all important peace of mind

Geo-fencing – if it moves out of a pre-set area you will be immediately notified by SMS alarm. 

When the vehicle goes above a preset speed or moves from a stationary status you will be immediately notified by SMS alarm. 

Stop them in their tracks. Only you will be in control

Remote battery and fuel cut out until the alarm is removed. 

Always be prepared

Connected to your car battery as well as internal batteries so it won’t drain down.

Cost effective

No subscriptions fees or yearly membership – just a simple pay as you go sim card to top up. 

Free yearly check up

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