New MOT rules – is your Landy ready?

On the 20.05.2018 there will be a shake up to the MoT test. Below are some key points which you need to consider before your next MoT test:


If the vehicle was built or registered on or after 1st January 2014 the emissions tested must meet the figure claimed by the manufacturer, rather than the pre-set MoT emission figures used on earlier variants. The manufacturers emissions limit can be found on the vehicles VIN or build plate.

If a tester can see that the exhaust has been cut open and re-welded up, the owner of the vehicle must now have to provide proof that the work was carried out to clean the DPF and not remove it. A DPF-equipped vehicle must emit no visible smoke on the emissions test or it will fail.


Vehicles of Historic interest (over 40 years old) will be exempt from the MoT unless they have been ‘substantially changed’ in the last 30 years. Changes include non-period-correct modifications such as engine conversions and changes to the chassis, axles and running gear – vehicles with a Q registration must still be tested regardless of age.

Oil Leaks

A slight bleed or misting of oil will be considered a minor defect and will not fail the test. Where oil can be seen physically dripping from a component, the tester will have to regard that as a major defect and the vehicle will fail the test.

Warning Lights

ABS and airbag lights have always been on the MoT checklist however the checklist now extends to the engine management light and the brake pad wear indicator lamps. If they stay illuminated on the vehicles display after start-up this could result in a failure.

Fog Lights and Daytime Running Lights

All vehicles built after 1st March 2018 must be fitted with daytime running lights as standard and they must work when presented for testing as well as front fog lights. All vehicles built or registered after 1st September 2009 must be fitted with working reverse lights.

Brake fluid, brake discs & hand brake

Brake fluid will be subject to a visual check. As now, the tester won’t remove the reservoir cap, but if the fluid can be seen through the bottle and is obviously dirty or contaminated it could fail the test. Brake discs will also be checked by eye for wear, oil contamination and being correctly secured to the hub. The handbrake can also now fail on excessive travel rather than just having no reserve handle travel.

Headlamp washers

Vehicles built or registered on or after 1st September 2009 must have working headlamp washers (only if they are fitted).

If you are unsure about any of the above or you would like us to check your vehicle over prior to it’s MOT please get in touch today on 01225 571515