Chassis Swap

We always work with the customer to figure out what is before for them and their Land Rover. This largely depends on a lot of things such as sentimental value, how long the customer plans to keep their vehicle and ultimately budget. We always view a chassis with the first option to repair it, however in some cases where it is not economically sensible to repair it we offer the option of replacement.

We work with Richards Chassis, Bearmach and All Makes to put together a sensible chassis swap package. We think it is best to renew bolts, fixings and brackets where possible and most bushes. There are a couple of options available to the customer to consider such as:

  • Replacing suspension components (springs/shocks)
  • Fitting a L.O.F clutch
  • Stainless steel braided brake hoses
  • Bulkhead replacement (if necessary)

The chassis is made to order and takes around 8 – 10 weeks to arrive and the job takes 1 week to carry out. A week after giving the vehicle back to you we always like to see it for an hour so we can do a final bolt check.

Please see pictures below of two of our most recent chassis swaps: